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The Social Way to Play.
Connect, play, win!
Gametime starts with the tap of a button.
Get off the couch and get in the game. Connect with your friends, neighbors, and even strangers to organize that game of football you’ve been yearning to play. Need a last minute player? Want to join a local game? Now’s your chance! No more waiting around for things to happen, jump into the game with a tap of a button.
Connect With Teammates
Add friends or previous players to stay connected on and off the field.
Find and Join Games
Filter games based on sport, size, location, time, and date. Then just join in!
Create Events
Looking for players? Create a public game for users to search and join.
Auto-Invite Players
Liked your team? Leave player ratings or auto-invite them to your next game.
Get in the Game
Your endless search for a team is over. Frantically looking for players on the internet is a thing of the past. Finally, you can easily connect with local athletes and form that basketball team you’ve always wanted to start. Now that’s a win!
Customize Your Profile
Create your profile to let other athletes in the area know that you’re ready to play. Select your favorite sports, add friends, write down your interests, and then you’re in it to win it!
Connect with Local Athletes
Looking for teammates? View other players’ profiles, chat internally, and see match history and rankings. You can now build an entire team using one app. It’s really that easy!
Get Ready to Play!
Time to break in your cleats! We’re launching soon.